I’m Sharleene 

I am a strategic intervention coach. I help clients take their frustration at work and turn it into a greater sense of forward momentum and fulfillment at work. 

Are you  tired of feeling:

 * unhappy, unsupported and lost at work?

 * overwhelmed with dissatisfaction with what you do?

 * lack of growth in your career?

 * stress and overwork?  

* warn out by conflict and a lack of team spirit?

Would it be nice if someone could help you step by step create a career you love, with a sense of mission and greater impact at work?

I’m really glad you’re here, I help clients do exactly that. Get in touch with me here to find out how I can help with a free clarity session.

Find out what clients of mine have said 

I have achieved my goals and the bonus is that I feel I have some great tools that I’ve co-created with Sharleene that I can return to and use in the future if ever these challenges rear their ugly head again! I feel my resilience has benefited. I feel inwardly connected and I believe I have grown in confidence and am feeling positive about the future.” –  Debbie