Are you:

 * overwhelmed with ideas for your career direction and don’t know which one to focus on?

 * tired of figuring out your next career move on your own using trial and error?

 * know deep down that a career of purpose is key to greater professional satisfaction?

If so, you are ready to work with me.


Find out what clients of mine have said 

I have achieved my goals and the bonus is that I feel I have some great tools that I’ve co-created with Sharleene that I can return to and use in the future if ever these challenges rear their ugly head again! I feel my resilience has benefited. I feel inwardly connected and I believe I have grown in confidence and am feeling positive about the future.Manager

Benefits of working with me

* YOU never dread Monday mornings again

YOU get greater presence, purpose, and power

YOU feel more energy, passion, and impact

* YOU speed up your promotional trajectory

YOU get coaching delivered online to maximise our time together

How do I start?

If you are ready to have greater presence, purpose, and power the first action step is to apply to work with me via a complimentary Investment Assessment here here

At the end of the complimentary  Investment Assessment, you will:

Get clear on what’s blocking your personal success.Get unstuck. Boost your motivation and feel energized

Why my programs are special

  • I meet clients online-this adds greater flexibility to your busy schedule.  Im based in London.
  • You develop your own realm of genius 
  • You get access to additional bonuses 

How online coaching works with me in 3 simple steps

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STEP 1:  Reserve a complimentary strategy session 

STEP 2: book your coaching sessions online.

STEP 3:  Access your coaching with me plus your  bonuses 

The results you are expected to see:

  • Get crystal clear on your purpose and start living your purpose 
  • Access more energy and enthusiasm for your career going forward
  • Experience greater personal growth and greater impact in the world

Frequently asked questions?

1.     What if you don’t want to invest the money? Investing in yourself always gives you a high return.  Find out what some of my clients have said about the results of working with me have been here.

2.    What if I change my mind? That happens. If after the first paid coaching session you change your mind. The rest of your prepaid coaching will be refunded. No quibble.

3.    Not sure coaching works? Don’t just take my word for it. Explore the results of an independent study on coaching impact here.

4.   What if you are super busy? I meet clients online-this adds greater flexibility for your busy schedule. It also cuts down on travel to and from coaching. Saving you tons of hours.

5.  I have done coaching before, and it didn’t work for me, how is this different? My coaching offers you something different. It focuses on deep work to create catalytic change. I move from the surface level (CV writing)  to ‘inner work’ (your purpose).

6. What if is not the right time for me? Waiting for fo the best ‘season’ can be another way our mind tricks us to postpone being our best self. Don’t seek permission or perfection and dive into creating your best life and career.

7. More questions on costs, the time it takes?  Email me here.

Ready to have greater presence, purpose, and power?  The first action step is to apply to work with me via a complimentary Investment Assesment here.



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