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Fatima Suliman

    When I started working with Sharleene, I was suffering quite badly from ‘imposter syndrome’ as well as a lot of indecision about whether my current sector was the right sector for me. Working with Sharleene was a real game changer for me in terms of my career – she helped me to reframe my ‘imposter syndrome’ into something more positive that would actually lift my confidence. Sharleene is a hugely motivating and supportive coach. I credit her with helping me develop my confidence and in giving me tools and techniques that I still use. I would work with her again 100%, and in fact look forward to the next stage in my personal and career development when I will actually work with her again.” Fatima


Sharleene is an extremely talented coach and leader.  I’ve learned so much through her clever and sensitive approach and wide range of practical and insightful tools and techniques.  I’ve worked with a few coaches during my career and I know Sharleene is special. She’s helped me to unlock and remove personal barriers and genuinely understands the challenges of being a black female leader who wants to excel and deliver at the highest level. After my sessions I had a clear action plan, set of approaches and techniques personalised for me, and I understood how to use and apply them. But most importantly I felt confident and energised to step forward and not look back!  Monique

Sharleene has helped me to clarify and understand what is important to me. She has challenged me to set goals for myself, confront personal barriers, and celebrate my strengths and achievements. Sharleene is a great facilitator. I highly recommend her”.  Angela

“Very focused, very professional. Sharleene helped me list the things I wanted to achieve over different time periods and work out ways of doing it. I wanted to be in a good job and a place of my own within a year and I was”.   Katlyn

“Sharleene has helped me to identify career goals, strategies to achieve them, and potential barriers, all with an engaging and positive style. She was an enormous source of support and encouragement”.  Stuart

“Very satisfied, yes would recommend her to others. Sharleene helped me achieve my goal by helping me to specify what it was that I wanted”.  Anna

I have achieved my goals and the bonus is that I feel I have some great tools that I’ve co-created with Sharleene that I can return to and use in the future if ever these challenges rear their ugly head again! I feel my resilience has benefited. I feel inwardly connected and I believe I have grown in confidence and am feeling positive about the future. Debbie


How you can work with me: 

Get in touch with me HERE to book a free Complimentary Coaching Programme Clarity Call and find out how I can help you. What you can expect on the call is to be listened to and me to provide guidance. We can talk free via audio or video. Talk soon.

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